6 Apr 2012

You gotta have faith.

No, not George Michael.
This is the 'Procesión del Silencio de la Iglesia Románica de Sant Martí '.
It was raining lightly as the members made their way to collect the image of Christ. However, it stopped raining before they started the procession (despite the umbrellas in the image), and stayed dry throughout.
Coincidence? Have faith, it can work wonders. 

3 Apr 2012

Black & White

It's not the colour of our skin that makes us different (dangerous?), it's what's inside our heads.

31 Mar 2012

Crisis? (3)

 If the crisis continues, perhaps bin diving will become an olympic sport. It's always been done, but now, sadly, it's becoming more widespread (except perhaps in Barcelona, where they burn bins on strike days as an offering to the union gods).
Apparently, it's also illegal. Would these people be fined? Would, or could, they pay?

(both photos taken within hours of each other)

29 Mar 2012

Crisis? (2)

60% off in the sales. That's quite a saving.
Unless it was overpriced in the first place ;)

You could buy 275 cupcakes with the difference.

28 Mar 2012


Is there really an economic crisis?
These 'cupcakes' (fairy cakes/madalenas) are on sale in a local shop.
The Spanish minimum wage is €641.40 per month.
Perhaps the real crisis is yet to come.

28 Jan 2012

Don't have a cow, man!

This is from last year's Les Rencontres d'Arles. A fantastic city on its own, wonderful cuisine, architecture, history and, most important of all, light (if it was good enough for Vincent, it's good enough for me). However, when you can visit so many thought-provoking and inspiring exhibitions (not to mention the workshops) by talented artists, remember photography is an art, it becomes a must see. Here is a link to this year's event. (And a shameless link to some of my images of Arles)

10 Dec 2011

It's been a while ...

but I've been busy. And when I wasn't busy I forgot.
I was working on my first public book, Reflections, which is the first in a series of three. Shadows will follow in the first part of 2012, and Clouds will turn up  later, probably when you're having a picnic.
The main driving force behind doing all this now is my father - or more to the point his upcoming 70th birthday. If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't be taking the shots I am today; he taught me to see. So, time is running out for all of us (the ground rush of life) and things have to be done now.

By the way, here's the book :)

By Ken Goddard